17 Oktober 2009

Night With Resident Evil Dead Aim


And here I am,,, after a long time don’t have much time to write something in my blog,,, I’m back with a victory after playing “RESIDENT EVIL: DEAD AIM”

It starts when I visited a book exhibition in my town, needing a refreshing after my long and tiring middle-semester examination, I spent so much money there.
And the journey continued at the CD Game Shop, where my sister looked for a “F1” Game, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any stock of it. And then my eyes took a shine at the “Resident Evil: Dead Aim”…
Well, to be honest, I could be the “not-coolest” girl in the world for never played it before, but you know, my hands getting miss playing the Resident Evil series after a long time didn’t.
I’ve played Resident Evil 3: Nemesis until the end, (and I loved it, cool and attractive), Won Resident Evil: Survivor in one day on my first play, (hahaha, I played about some weeks to win the Resisent Evil 3: Nemesis until the end, but this could be a bit fun with its much choices), Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2, (I don’t really like it, since the scenario isn’t about solving a long mystery or a password much and there’s a virus that rapidly extend), Resident Evil 4, and wait, I remember ever won a series of Resident Evil in PS1 until the end, but I can’t remember the title, but if I’m not wrong, there are about three characters there, and we are lost in a huge mansion which our first goal is finding our partners somewhere until we get more complicated problems and we realize that our partner is the victim of all this mess in the end. Do u know that, maybe???

You know, playing Resident Evil by knowing and understanding the stories will make the game more fun than just walk along the way and killing the monsters, hahaha. I’m not saying that we have to read every line of the files we get, but by following the stories in the cut scenes, the game will be as real as we are the players.
P.S. You will be surprised of having yourself interested in writing a diary after playing and reading all files in Resident Evil: Survivor which are almost about diary all.

And here I was, at 7p.m. after having dinner I started to play “Resident Evil: Dead Aim”. Firstly, I planned just to try the game, not really “play” the game, until I realize that I have walked for a long distance and I didn’t have enough space in my Memory Card!!! Oh my, so I just keep playing it knowing that I would be stupid if I just leave it after my long play and I have to start from the beginning next time.

You know, my biggest mistake was when I fight the “electric monster” , (the file just call it with a code series like T-xxx, and I can’t remember it) so just call it like that , at the first time in the room for a presentation in the ship. I spent all my guns and recovery items to kill it, but she even didn’t look hurts at all.

Until in my last health, I realized that we get a kind of iron stick is for opening the wooden boxes in the storage room. I’m not saying that his is an easy part, (sure she is a hard enemy, even the main enemy, eventhough we will fight her again in the final) but it would be better if we have known what to do already. You know, stop trying to kill her! It just a waste of guns and recovery items and you will regret it because you even can pass this part without “killing” her until dead. Just open the wooden boxes in the storage room and then get the keycards and use it to enter the net electronically locked door. You will get cut scene then where she stops chasing you and your partners.

And about Fongli, our partner, firstly I really hate her for stealing my valve and attacking me. But then I realize that, okay, she’s not bad at all.

Talking about my favorite part, is after you get a C.P. Rifle. You can kill all monsters in one shoot. No need to use “escape mode” or “running away” in the passage or hall. You can kill everything you meet in a very short time, and guess what, no limited guns!
Use C.P. Rifle in the final fight with electronic monster. You know, firstly, I try so hard to survive in the fight by using magnum, grenade launcher, shogun, assault rifle, all incredible things for killing a big monster. But, then in my last health, (I said like that because until all of my recovery items are gone), I realize that why does the computer give us a C.P. Rifle if not for killing her?
Yes, this is a tough fight, but at last, I could kill her (even though I won in danger condition, hehehe)
But the bad thing is you can’t use it again after you use it to kill the electric monster.
And when we have to play in the sewers, this is the worst part for me, where this is very difficult to difference the places, the rooms, and I only used my feeling to discover all the rooms (even though you get a map, the place really look like a labyrinth) .

I also enjoy fighting a huge green giant but a kind of stupid. It doesn’t have eyes, so it can’t see you, but it is very good on hearing every steps of you, your guns, and it will know where you are rapidly. (Read the clear description in the file you get) If you keep silent, it won’t recognize you. I prefer silent handgun than a big weapons like grenade launcher or shotgun. I know that the power of them are bigger and can hurt the monster more, but since it is so sensitive with sounds, it would be hard because he will kick you every time you shoot it. Try a silent handgun where he can’t recognize where you are and you will laugh at it stupid moves. Just enjoy it…

And the last I want to talk is about Morpheus.
Yup, the giant ugly monster in the last fight on the way to Missile Silo. The game will end after you are success killing it. But this really isn’t as simple as it looks. Since you have to shoot it heads for many times (and it’s not easy since the head can move everywhere) and the times you have isn’t more than 3minute before it kill you, you have to kill him. And your guns condition is not really good after a big fight with electric monster.
What you have to do is:
1. Keep relax. Whenever you are nervous, you won’t get the heads. Just feel like you just have to shoot a zombie. You will get more relaxed after shooting more and more heads and you’ll have your hand incredibly shoot it on the right position all the time.
2. Knowing the place where the head appear. It will get you more time to kill him since your hands are usual in its position.
3. The monster’s body will move when the head will appear. Keep looking at where the monster’s body move, and get ready your weapons there.

I succeed won this game at 10.20 p.m.
It means I played for 3 hours 20 minutes non stop.
I got the rank “B”… Not bad for a beginner like me, since this is really my first time playing Resident Evil: Dead Aim…